How to make natto egg cake

Ingredients: natto small half bowl, 3 eggs, shallot, salt, oil.

Practice of natto egg cake

How to make natto egg cake

1. Break up the eggs and cut the scallions into small pieces.

2. Put the chopped green onion and natto into the egg liquid, and then add the right amount of salt to stir well.

3. Put a little vegetable oil in the pot. When the oil is 50% hot, pour in the egg. Turn the pot to make the egg cake.

4. Turn the egg cake over after it has solidified, and then fry it for a while.

Warm tips;

When frying the omelet, you must fry it slowly in a low heat so that it won’t be burnt. Otherwise, it will be burnt, and the taste and appearance will not look good.