How to make New York Cheesecake

New York Cheese Cake, a beautiful name, and its origin: it is said that the authentic recipe of New York Cheese cake comes from the ancient Roman Empire. In 1929, arnoldreuben, the owner of tuffrrestaurant in New York City, made the first cheese cake made of cream cheese according to his family recipe, and became the most popular food in tuffrrestaurant. Since then, tuffrrestaurant cheese cake has become the favorite dessert of New York City. Many restaurants are attracted by cheesecake, among which lindy39; s restaurant makes the best cheesecake, and New York citizens call the cheesecake made in this restaurant as New York Cheese Cake.

Material Science

Weight: 8 “

4 protein, 4 yolks, cream cheese cream cheese 250g, gossyose 60g, low powder 60g, acid milk 50g, milk 40g


1. Soak cheese and milk in a bowl for a while, then heat until there is no particles in water.

2. Add yolk in several times and mix well.

3. Add the sour milk and mix well.

4. Add low powder and mix well.

5. Beat the protein with sugar until it is neutral and foaming. Add cheese paste and cut well.

6. 8 “flexible bottom cake mould is covered with oil paper, and the bottom is wrapped with tin paper to prevent water from entering the mold, and can also be used to fix the bottom cake mold.

7. Pour the cake paste into the mold, bake with water bath method, color it in 170 degrees and 20 minutes, and turn 150 degrees for 40 minutes. I was a little hotter, so the skin was cracked.

8. After the stove is put in the cold, refrigerated overnight in the refrigerator, the taste is refreshing and real, with a light cheese flavor, it is delicious.