How to make northeast zongzi delicious

Material Science

Preparation: 1. Soak glutinous rice or rhubarb rice in advance for one day and change water several times during the process; 2. Soak the leaves of zongzi and jujube in water in advance;


1. Fold the leaves of the rice dumpling in half to make the bending angle as shown in the figure;

2. Spoon the soaked rice into the leaves;

3. Put in red dates, spoon a few spoons of water into the rice dumplings, so that the rice is more compact pressure;

4. As shown in the picture, hand in the leaves slightly, so as to wrap the rice tightly;

5. As shown in the picture, fold the remaining leaves and wrap the glutinous rice;

6. Wrap the rice dumplings tightly with the rice dumpling rope.


Put the dumplings into the pot and cook for 40 minutes.



Most of the dumplings in Northeast China are filled with rhubarb rice, glutinous rice and jujube. My mother made this kind of four corner zongzi. I think it’s very simple, but it’s not easy to make it well. If it’s not good, it’s easy to leak stuffing. When making it, you should pay attention to take the leaves of zongzi in as shown in the picture.