How to make oatmeal omelets

Ingredients: (4 oatmeal omelets)

200g medium gluten flour, 20g oats, 80ml 80 degree boiling water, 40ml cold water, 4 eggs, onion, salt and oil

How to make oatmeal omelets

Practice of oatmeal omelet

How to make oatmeal omelets

1. Mix medium flour with oats, pour in boiling water and stir into flakes

2. Mix in cold water, knead into a smooth dough and relax for 20 minutes

3. Divide the loose dough into four equal parts and make a pancake skin

4. Oil the pan with paper towel and fry the pancakes on both sides

5. Break up an egg and add onion and salt

6. Pour a little oil into the pan, pour in the egg liquid, shake the pan and fry it into an egg cake

7. Place the omelet flat on the oatmeal and roll it up