How to make omelette

Steamed egg cake

Ingredients: 800g medium gluten flour, 80g sugar, 8 eggs, 5g yeast, 3G baking powder, proper amount of salad oil

How to make omelette

The way of making dough omelet

How to make omelette

1. Put the flour into a clean bowl, add the eggs and sugar, and stir slightly

2. Melt the yeast and baking powder with a small amount of water, pour them into the flour bowl and knead them into smooth dough

3. Flour water consumption is not the same, eggs do not put in one time, you can leave a spare, self-regulation Oh, if not enough, according to the need to increase the amount of eggs

4. Put the dough in a warm place, wake up for about 1 hour, not the whole hair

5. Cut the dough into 80 grams and roll it into a round cake

6. Spread salad oil on the bottom of the electric cake stall, put in the round cake and fry 2 noodles until golden yellow

7. Because the cake is thick, you can spray a water, fry slowly, pay attention not to paste, adjust the heat

It’s so simple. There’s delicious food in the simplicity. The taste of family is ordinary, but it’s the most unforgettable

How to make omelette

I have been making pancakes like this for a long time. Half of this method is borrowed from my mother, and the other half is innovated by myself^^

The combination of eggs and milk is sweet and delicious. It’s also very convenient to make. It depends on what materials you have at home, of course.

Material Science

Honey, milk, eggs, sugar, cooked black sesame, flour


1. The following is the amount of breakfast for two people: 150g flour, one egg, a certain amount of fresh milk, mixed into a thin paste (similar to the pancake stand, slightly thick);

2. Add two spoonfuls of honey, add appropriate amount of sugar according to personal taste, mix well;

3. Heat the pan, add a small amount of oil, shake the pan to make the oil evenly spread on the bottom of the pan. After the oil is heated, put in the batter with a large spoon, tilt the pan to let the batter flow and cover the whole bottom of the pan;

4. Turn down the heat, when the batter begins to solidify, sprinkle black sesame seeds evenly, cook one side and turn over carefully;

5. Both sides can be fried into gold after the pot, according to personal habits can be cut into small pieces with a knife.


1. Summer is coming. Don’t throw away the leftover fruit dregs when squeezing fruit juice. You can take pancakes and mix them directly into the batter. You can fry different flavor pancakes. Last time we tried to fry strawberry dregs (sweat, seems to be a little luxury). It’s delicious and has the feeling of Strawberry yogurt~

2. Cut the banana slice or pineapple directly, it’s also delicious in it ~!

3. In a word, this is a basic method, you can play your own creativity, add different ingredients, test different styles of delicious pancakes^^

4. Friendly tips: if you use carrot residue, I don’t think it tastes very good~