How to make orange cake roll

Materials: orange a low powder 75 g egg 4 corn oil 45 g Sugar 70 g clear water (orange slices, cake need 45 g) orange jam appropriate amount

The process of making orange cake roll:

How to make orange cake roll

1. wash the orange with salt rubbing skin.

How to make orange cake roll

2. cut the orange into 2-3 mm thick slices.

3. put the orange in a pot, put 30 g Sugar, pour in the water that will not have the orange, cook the orange until the white part of the orange peel becomes transparent, and then dry the water for standby. Don’t throw away the sugar water for orange

4. separate the yolk from the egg white. Pour 45 g of sugar water into the yolk and stir evenly.

5. add 45 grams of corn oil and mix well.

6. sift in low powder and mix evenly.

7. beat the egg whites to the coarse foams and add 20 grams of sugar. Then add the 20 grams of sugar to the foaming. Preheat the oven 165 degrees.

8. add one third of the protein paste into the yolk paste, and mix it up and down with a scraper.

9. pour the batter into the remaining protein.

10. use a scraper to turn the cake paste over and mix evenly.

11. spread orange slices on the baking tray with oil paper.

12. pour in the cake paste, scrape it with a scraper, put it in a preheated oven, bake at 165 degrees for about 25 minutes.

13. after the cake is baked, buckle it and tear off the oil paper quickly.

14. cover the oil paper on the cake and dry it until the cake is in hand temperature.

15. turn the cake over, gently stroke with a knife and apply orange jam.

16. roll the cake in oil paper and freeze it.