How to make orange cake rolls

Orange cake roll

Ingredients: half an orange

How to make orange cake rolls

Yolk paste: 5 yolks, 30g sugar, 50g fresh orange juice, 50g corn oil, 85g low flour

How to make orange cake rolls

Protein paste: 5 pieces of protein, 60 grams of sugar

How to make orange cake rolls

Stuffing: a proper amount of fresh cream, honey and red beans

Orange cake roll

1. Put the salad oil and orange juice together, stir and mix the oil and water completely

2. Add sugar and yolk to 1. Beat with a hand beater until sugar melts,

3. Sift the low gluten flour into the egg yolk paste twice, and mix gently to form a uniform batter

4. Beat the protein into thick bubbles, add sugar in three times, beat until the protein can pull up the hook triangle

5. Take 31% of the protein into the egg yolk paste, mix it gently with a scraper, pour it back into the whole protein, and mix well

6. Scrape the batter into the baking pan with a scraper, smooth the surface and shake out big bubbles

7. 125 degrees for about 25 minutes

8. After baking, tear off the oil paper and let it cool on the baking net

9. Spread it on the oil paper from top to bottom, evenly spread cream on the light side, then put two honey red beans on it, and roll them up with the help of rolling pin

10. Refrigerate for 30 minutes, cut off both ends, squeeze chocolate sauce on the surface, and then sift some sugar powder