How to make original light cheese cake

Original light cheese cake

Tool: one six inch non stick circular mold

How to make original light cheese cake

Material Science

How to make original light cheese cake

A: Cream cheese 100g, milk 42 G

How to make original light cheese cake

B: Low gluten flour 35 g, milk 45 g

C: Egg yolk 45 g

D: Protein 90g, fine sugar 42 G

Light Cream Cheesecake

1. After the cream cheese is softened at room temperature, stir it into a smooth shape by heating it by water separation, and then add milk in a to mix well.

2. Mix the low powder in B with milk and add it to the cheese paste of practice 1.

3. Continue mixing until the hot water becomes thicker. When there is resistance, leave the hot water, and then continue to stir until the milk is smooth without particles.

4. Add yolk in several times and mix well.

5. D. the protein in D was beaten to the coarse bubble with electric beater, and added fine sugar three times, and then beaten to seven times for distribution (the protein is glossy, raised with sharp tip downward and bird beak).

6. Add 13 protein cream into the cream and mix well, then pour back into the remaining cream.

7. Gently mix with a scraper, pour into the non stick mold to shake out bubbles (if it is a normal circular mold, lay baking paper around and bottom to prevent adhesion. In addition, if it is a movable bottom circular mold like me, it is necessary to wrap the bottom whole from the outside with tin platinum paper to prevent the cake paste from flowing out.

8. Put in a deep baking pan and add 1 cm of room temperature water.

9. Preheat the oven 180 degrees, and then reduce to 150 degrees after entering the oven, and bake for 70-75 minutes.

10. After the stove is out, after about three minutes, gently fold the cake out, then buckle it on another plate, and turn the front side over.