How to make pan cake

I've seen so many friends who are experts in baking. They have all kinds of tools. The finished products are beautiful and professional. I'm a layman. I don't have a fixed ratio. I take it for granted. Although I'm not professional, I also have a homely flavor. I'm happy these days, The cake made by frying pan used to be made by electric rice cooker. I didn't expect that frying pan could make such soft and delicious cake. The other method is the same as the electric rice cooker version, that is, the heating process is different. It needs to be cooked several times, each time with a thin layer, and then spread the jam you like. Just roll it up and cut it into pieces. It's kind of like a roll. I didn't buy a special knife to cut bread and cake. I cut it with a fruit knife. It's not neat. I'll make do with it. It tastes good.

Material Science

Four eggs, 100g flour, 30g sugar, jam


1. Put the egg white and egg white into two bowls separately, do not use water, and do not have yolk in the egg white.

2. Add some sugar in the egg yolk and mix well. Put in the flour and stir it. Don’t stir it in one direction. It will be gluten. Just mix it up and down. Do not have bubbles, be sure to stir well.

3. Add white sugar to the egg white to make white bubbles, and then add a little sugar until it is rooted in chopsticks.

4. Add part of the egg white bubble into the egg yolk flour liquid, mix it up and down, and then add another part of the egg white bubble to mix it up, slowly.

5. Heat the pan, add some butter, pour part of the cake liquid into the pan, flatten it, lower the heat, cover the pan and fry it.

6. Spread jam, roll and cut into pieces.