How to make pancakes with cumin potatoes and shredded carrots

Potato silk and carrot silk are soft and sticky, with a light cumin flavor, not greasy and shiny, and it makes you have a big appetite. Especially children who don't like carrots, they will like to eat them

Material Science

Potatoes 2 carrots 1 (ratio is 4:1, I use big potatoes, and small carrots) cumin pepper salt cut pepper appropriate amount


Cut potatoes and carrots into silk. If there is a plate, use the plate and then make it into silk

Mix them together, add cumin and pepper, mix with a small amount of chopped chili, add a little salt

Put a small amount of oil in the 3 pot, then put the potatoes and carrot in the pan

4. When one side is cooked, turn over, and serve

Note: the amount of potato silk is several times larger than that of carrot silk. I use big potatoes and small carrots. The amount of potato silk is about 4:1 carrot silk

It’s hard to turn down until the bottom is hard skinned, or it doesn’t stick together

My flat pan is a kind of thick flat pan with steel plate. It is suggested that you want a small fire

It is difficult to fry into a large one. It is suggested to divide into a small pile and a small one.

Just dig a spoon, put it in a pot, and press it with a spoon

If you have a baking tool at home, take a circle, circle it, come out of the circle, and put another one,

If you are not afraid of trouble


Don’t wash potatoes. Potato starch is a good adhesive. It sticks carrot silk together

Add a small amount of cumin powder, which tastes very fragrant

It is necessary to use a thick flat bottom frying pan or a thick bottom pressure pan, otherwise it is easy to paste. If you use a pressure cooker, you should wear sleeves. Your arm is easy to be scalded by the wall of the pan

It is necessary to put a little oil, not too much. Just a few drops of oil. If there is oil at the bottom of the pot, it will be OK

If you like crispy ones, you need to have a little more oil. Fry them in medium heat. You can use a cake shovel and cut them into pieces to serve them

Cumin and white pepper are both used to grind with grinding rods