How to make pastry

Material Science

120 g cream, 90 g sugar powder, 75 g egg, 1 g salt, 300 g high gluten flour, 30 g milk water


1. after the cream is softened, add sugar powder and salt, and then pass it to whiten. Add egg in several times. Add sifted high gluten flour, stir until even, and finally add milk water to mix well.

2. put the first side of the method and into the extrusion bag, extrude the circle with a diameter of about 3 cm on the baking plate (repeat this method until the surface and extrusion is finished), and pay attention to the consistency of the extruded surface, size and spacing distance, otherwise the heating degree will be uneven.

3. bake in the oven, and bake at 200 ℃ and 180 ℃ for about 20 minutes, and then turn golden yellow.