How to make peanut glutinous rice dumplings delicious

Peanut glutinous rice dumplings, like a beautiful girl, pure and quiet, jade clean ice, give you a fresh feeling.

Peanut zongzi I call it universal zongzi, with a light taste, so that it can be matched with almost all dishes.

Material Science

Rice, glutinous rice, dried rice dumpling leaves


1. Wash glutinous rice, soak it with clear water for more than 3 hours to remove the control water; dry Zong leaves are hot and soft removed with boiled water, and washed clean under the flowing water with a brush.

2. Wash and bubble hair with peanut.

3. Take a rice dumpling leaf into funnel shape, first put a spoon of glutinous rice, then put in several peanut rice, and finally put a layer of glutinous rice to fill, wrapped and tied with wire to firm.

4. Put the wrapped zongzi into the pot, add water without zongzi, then tighten it with grates. Place a plate filled with clear water on the grate, cover it with fire and boil it. Cook it for 2 hours and then simmer for 1 hour.