How to make persimmon bean cake delicious

The following is a detailed illustration of the persimmon bean cake method provided for you. It will teach you how to make persimmon bean cake and how to make it delicious. Many people say it's difficult to cook. In fact, it's very easy to look at the steps and the pictures, and it's easy to do it!

Main material: Persimmon

Auxiliary materials: Flour

Seasoning: red bean paste

Detailed production steps of persimmon bean cake

Persimmon bean cake is a soft and sweet seasonal snack. It is the season of ripe persimmon. Fresh and ripe persimmon contains a lot of water, rich in carotene, riboflavin, vitamin and other trace elements, and also contains glucose and fructose. It is rich in nutrition, sweet and delicious, and very delicious. Can you hear these nutritional values and I can’t help but make persimmon bean cake. Let’s see the production process of persimmon bean cake together.

1. Wash persimmon and peel, and mash it into a container (it feels even after beating with a blender).

2. Put flour into persimmon mud, stir evenly until it is knead into soft and hard dough (dough can be as soft as possible, and the taste is softer and delicious after making it)

3. Leave the dough for about 15 minutes and cut into small powder of appropriate size.

4. Press flat with your palm, put in proper amount of bean paste filling, tighten the mouth like a bag, and flatten it.

5. Put a pan on the fire, put a proper amount of oil, heat it with a small fire, put the persimmon cake into the oven, fry the small heat to two golden yellow.

Tips on the production of persimmon bean cake

Sweet tips for persimmon bean cake:

Persimmons can not be eaten with crab, fish, shrimp and other foods.

Persimmons cannot be eaten with sweet potatoes and spinach.

Anemia patients and diabetic patients eat less than eat good.

If the gastric motility function is low, such as chronic gastritis and dyspepsia, persimmon should not be eaten.

It is not suitable to eat persimmon on empty stomach.