How to make persimmon cake delicious

Ingredients: 150g persimmon, 160g flour, proper amount of bean paste and oil
[persimmon cake] production process:

How to make persimmon cake delicious

1. Get the ingredients ready.

How to make persimmon cake delicious

2. Peel the persimmon and take the pulp. You can use the cooking machine to make it more delicate.

3. Add flour slowly as appropriate.

4. Slowly stir evenly to form persimmon noodles with moderate hardness. It’s better to be soft and wake up for about 15 minutes.

5. Divide the persimmon flour into 8 portions, which may be sticky. It’s better to apply some oil or flour on the palm.

6. Take a persimmon dough and flatten it. Put some bean paste on it.

7. Like a bun, close the mouth and squeeze it tightly.

8. Sprinkle some flour on the chopping board, roll the wrapped persimmon dough into a cake shape about 1cm thick with a rolling pin.

9. Pour proper amount of oil into the pot and heat it to 60%. Put in the persimmon germ.

10. Simmer over medium low heat until golden on both sides.

Food tips:

1. It is better to add flour in the flesh of persimmon, and the flour should be soft. It’s normal for the dough to stick to the hands. Put some oil on the hands or pat some flour to prevent sticking.

2. Because the red bean paste is very sweet, so there is no need to add sugar when kneading noodles.

3. Persimmons are best eaten hot.