How to make petal Matcha Mousse Cake

Petal Matcha Mousse Cake

Ingredients: Matcha Mousse Cake: eight inch heart-shaped Qifeng cake 1 Milk 200ml cream cheese 200g sugar 40g animal light cream 350ml gilding slice 4 Matcha powder 10g

How to make petal Matcha Mousse Cake

Cream icing: salt free butter 180g, sugar 60g, water 20g, protein 2, lemon essence red, green yellow, peach rum right amount

How to make petal Matcha Mousse Cake

How to make flower petal Matcha Mousse Cake

How to make petal Matcha Mousse Cake

1. Make an 8-inch heart-shaped Qifeng cake in advance, put books of appropriate thickness on the cake plate, and cross cut the cake;

How to make petal Matcha Mousse Cake

2. Cut the cake into two or three pieces;

How to make petal Matcha Mousse Cake

3. Cut the edge of each piece of cake a little, and spread the cut cake on the bottom of the mold;

How to make petal Matcha Mousse Cake

4. Soak gilding tablets in milk;

How to make petal Matcha Mousse Cake

5. Add cream cheese and melt in water;

How to make petal Matcha Mousse Cake

6. Keep stirring until it completely melts;

How to make petal Matcha Mousse Cake

7. Add the sifted Matcha powder and keep stirring;

8. Until completely melted without particles, take out the bowl and let it cool;

9. Pour the animal cream into the container, and use the electric stirrer to beat it to six or seven minutes;

10. Pour the cooled Matcha mixture into the whipped cream to form mousse liquid;

11. In the mold, first lay a layer of cake, and then put a layer of yellow peach;

12. Pour Matcha mousse liquid into the mold;

13. Pour in a layer of cake and a layer of mousse liquid, and put the cake in the refrigerator for one night;

14. Take out the shaped Matcha mousse cake from the refrigerator and blow it along the edge of the mold with a hair dryer until the cake mold can fall slowly;

15. In this way, the Matcha mousse cake is ready;

16. Soften the butter at room temperature, put it into a large bowl and beat it smoothly with an egg beater;

17. Put 30g sugar into the protein in different times, beat it to 6 or 7 points with an electric stirrer, and do not flow;

Put 18.30g fine granulated sugar and 20g water into a small pot, heat it over high fire, and boil the sugar water until the quality of the sugar becomes thick and full of small bubbles;

19. Pour the sugar water into the protein immediately;

20. Beat the protein with high speed to cool it;

21. Put all the beaten protein into the butter and stir;

22. Add a few drops of vanilla essence and continue to beat until you get a light, smooth cream;

23. Put the cream into the decoration bag;

24. First, put the shell shaped flower mounting mouth around the bottom layer of the cake to squeeze the edge;

25. Use rose petal mouth to extrude the petals at 45 degrees and circle them along the top of the cake;

26. Extrude petals with other colors at 45 degrees in the middle;

27. Finally, squeeze out the leaflets with the green flower mouth;

28. Write the blessing words in the middle with a small round flower mouth.

Food tips:

1. Prepare an 8-inch heart-shaped Qifeng cake in advance, or choose according to your own taste;

2. After the cake is cut into two or three pieces, cut a little off the edge to leave a gap between the cake and the mold so that it can be filled with mousse liquid;

3. Soften gilding slice milk, melt it in water, add cream cheese in several times, and finally add Matcha powder (remember to sift, I’m lazy, so there are small particles behind, uneven, it took a long time to stir them). Every time you add excipients, you need to stir evenly; take it out, cool down, you can add a few drops of rum and stir evenly;

4. Finally, pour the cooled mixture into the animal butter which is whipped six or seven minutes in advance, and mix evenly, so that the Matcha mousse liquid is finished;

5. Then put the prepared Matcha mousse liquid, a layer of cake, a layer of mousse liquid, I add some yellow peach in the middle, put it into the mold, and put it in the refrigerator for more than eight hours, so as to set the shape;

6. When demoulding the mousse cake, you can heat it along the outer edge with an electric hair dryer or cover the edge of the cake mold with a hot towel until the cake mold can slide down slowly;

7. Protein cream I choose Italian cream. Because of the addition of protein, the taste is lighter and the color is lighter, which is very suitable for color matching;

8. Beat the butter smoothly with an egg beater, add half of the sugar in the protein and beat it until it doesn’t flow; then heat the other half of the sugar and water over high heat, and boil the sugar water to 121 degrees. If there is no thermometer, you can visually observe the quality of the sugar until it becomes thick and covered with small bubbles instead of big bubbles;

9. Pour the sugar water into the protein immediately, and beat the protein with high speed to cool it down; put all the beaten butter into the protein and stir it; at first, it is like bean dregs, don’t worry, continue to stir. Slowly there will be obvious changes, adhere to a few minutes, you can get lighter color, very smooth cream. If you want to add seasoning, add it at last and stir evenly;

10. I intended to decorate it with small flowers, but I tried it several times, but I still couldn’t get to the point and didn’t succeed, so I directly changed it to simple petals to decorate it;

11. This kind of petal is actually the small flower mouth of rose petals, with the big end facing down, touching the cake, holding the flower mounting bag at a 45 degree angle, gently lifting, the petals will come out (first time, practice nearby, it’s easy to master); add petals of other colors at will; finally, squeeze some small green leaves to decorate; finally, add some green leaves to decorate;

Finally, draw a straight line with a small dot in the middle and write some blessing words to make the cake more meaningful.