How to make pickle pancakes

Raw materials: 220g hot cabbage with soup juice, 1 red pepper, 1 egg, 100g flour, 50ml of clear water, 1 small green onion

Seasoning: sugar 12 teaspoons (3 G)

How to make pickle pancakes

The practice of pickled pancakes

How to make pickle pancakes

1. Squeeze the soup from the spicy cabbage, cut it into small pieces (3cm long and 1cm wide), and keep the soup for standby. Wash the red pepper and cut it into thin strips of matchstick.

2. Add eggs in flour, stir them with chopsticks, then pour in pickle juice, mix well, add water slowly, stir them in one direction until there is no dough, scoop them up with a spoon, and drop the batter in a flowing state.

3. Put the chopped cabbage into the batter, then add the red pepper and onion. Add sugar and mix well.

4. Heat the pan, pour oil and heat it on a small fire. When the oil is 7% hot, pour in a spoon of batter, and turn the pan immediately to make the batter flow into a circle naturally. Then turn to medium and small heat, fry slowly for 1 minute, turn over, continue to fry the other side, 30 seconds later, turn over again. Until the two sides of the cake are golden yellow.