How to make pickled potato cake delicious

Material Science

Raw materials: 2 large potatoes, 1 egg, 4 bacon, 1 small bowl of pickles

Ingredients: sesame oil, salt


1. Potatoes are washed and peeled. I usually like to use that kind of high-quality steel ball to wipe the skin directly, which is very easy.

2. Rub the peeled potatoes into thin silk.

3. Cut bacon, cut pickles, add an egg, a little oil and salt.

4. Mix the shredded potatoes.

5. Heat the pan and pour in proper amount of oil. Mix the mashed potatoes into a small round cake. After one side is fried to be scorched, carefully turn over and fry the two outer sides.

6. Of course, if you are lazy, you can also pour the mash of potato into the pot and spread it directly into a large round potato pickle cake. The fried cakes are very fragrant, crisp and delicious.