How to make pink peach cake

Pink peach cake

Cake material: 3 eggs, 44g low gluten flour, 24g corn oil, 24g milk, 36g sugar (into protein), 18G sugar (into egg yolk)

How to make pink peach cake

Baking: 180 degrees, middle layer, heat up and down, 35 minutes.

How to make pink peach cake

Heart shaped edge material: 4 egg yolks, 4 protein, 40g fine granulated sugar (with protein), 30g fine granulated sugar (with egg yolk), 140g low gluten flour, and some strawberry powder

How to make pink peach cake

Baking: 160 degrees, about 15 minutes in the middle.

How to make pink peach cake

Decorative materials: 150 grams of cream, 15 grams of sugar, 4 peaches, mirror pectin amount

How to make pink peach cake

How to make pink peach cake

How to make pink peach cake

1。 Mix egg yolk with sugar, oil and milk. Sift in the low gluten flour and stir to form an even yolk paste.

2。 Add sugar to the protein and beat it with an electric beater until the sharp corner can be pulled out.

3。 Add 13% protein to the egg yolk paste and mix well. Add another 23 protein and stir well.

4。 Pour the batter into the 6-inch cake mould. Into the middle 180, up and down the fire, 35 minutes.

5。 When it’s out of the oven, it’s reversed.

6。 When it’s not hot, turn it over and use a scraper to draw a circle around the cake to demould it.

7。 The prepared Qifeng cake is put on the cooling rack for full cooling.

8。 Make the rim: separate the egg yolk from the protein.

9。 Add sugar and strawberry powder to the yolk and stir well. (the color of the egg yolk is very red. After adding protein, it will become lighter.)

10。 Beat the egg white with sugar, add it to the egg yolk and stir well.

11。 Sift in low gluten flour. Mix well.

12。 Spread the mixed paste on a 30x40cm baking pan covered with oil paper and smooth it with a scraper. 160 degrees, about 15 minutes in the middle.

13。 After coming out of the oven, let it cool down and press out the shape with a heart-shaped or other shape mold for standby.

14。 Peel the peach. Use a knife as shown in the picture to cut two pieces to the peach stone.

15。 With a little effort, a peach petal came out.

16。 Then cut again.

17。 Put the cut peach petals in ice water temporarily to prevent oxidation.

18。 Add the cream to the sugar. Put a bowl under the cream bowl. You can put any frozen product or ice in it. Distribute to 10-10 cream.

19。 Qifeng cake is cut into three pieces and only two of them are used.

20。 Put cream on a slice and sprinkle with diced peaches.

21。 Then cover with a layer of cake slices. Spread the whole cake with light cream. As shown in the picture. Next, arrange the heart-shaped biscuits one by one and circle them with a beautiful ribbon.

Then, put peach slices on the upper layer, and then apply mirror pectin!