How to make pitaya cream cake

Pitaya cream cake

Coco Chifeng cake:

How to make pitaya cream cake

Ingredients: 7 protein, 7 egg yolks, 120g sugar, 70g milk, 40g corn oil, 100g low gluten flour, 20g cocoa powder.

How to make pitaya cream cake

Qifeng cake practice is not specific, you can refer to here: Orange Qifeng cake.

When the cake paste is ready, pour it into two molds until 9 minutes full, 160 degrees, the penultimate layer, 40 minutes.

After baking, take out the inverted button to cool, gently open the four sides, and take out the cake for standby.

Production of Pitaya flow heart:

Ingredients: pitaya 200g, cream 200g, sugar 50g, two pieces of fish film.

Pitaya cream cake method:

1. Soak the fish glue slices in cold water, take them out, add 50 grams of boiling water, stir and melt them, and let them cool to a low temperature for standby;

2. Cut pitaya into small pieces and beat them into mud with blender;

3. Light cream with sugar until textured;

4. Mix pitaya puree with cream, add the melted fish film and mix well;

5. Pour the mixed cream fruit stuffing into two cake germs respectively, gently smooth them, put them in the refrigerator to air until the stuffing is slightly solidified, take them out, put one cake body on top of the other one gently, then put them in the refrigerator for 2 hours, take them out, spread the whipped cream on the outside and decorate them.