How to make pork and cabbage pie

The filling is delicious and not greasy. The skin is thin and the meat is smooth. Since the pie is cooked, only a small amount of oil is placed at the bottom of the pan, and not too much oil

Material Science

500g of pork, 500g of ginger, 500g of flour and sugar in Chinese Cabbage


1. Pour a small amount of oil into flour, then cover with warm water and flour, pour water on the side and, cover the dough with cloth, or put the dough on the panel. The basin is buckled on the surface. Because during the process of dough (wake-up), the dough surface contacts the air, and will be hard skinned, so it is necessary to separate from the air.

2. Peel and chop the pork. It is of moderate size. Don’t be too small. The dice are more suitable. It is too snack to chew.

3. Cut the cabbage into pieces, and don’t be too small. It will taste bad if it is too small. Cut it into diced cabbage.

4. The pot is hot, put a small amount of oil, then pour two pieces of ginger, stir fry, the ginger changes color, and then pour into chopped pork fry (this filling method is called: stir up the filling, can not be printed, taste the same, this kind of stir filling, because fat oil fried out some, eat fat but not greasy, pork Ding, a little fried discoloration can be done, this filling does not hold a group. The meat can be wrapped without STIR), add a small amount of raw extract and sugar

5. Turn off the fire, take out the ginger slices and throw them away. When the meat filling is cold, pour the cut cabbage in, mix well, add salt taste. (the proportion of pork to cabbage can be 1:1 or 1:2 according to personal preference)

6. Rub the dough well (wake up well), rub it repeatedly, and then divide it into the same size pasta. Like the “dumpling skin”, the edge is thin and the middle is thick

7. Wrap the stuffing in (like a bag, screw it together, pull off the surplus surface), then put it in a pan with a little oil, medium and small fire, and cover the pot cover and burn it.

8. One side has hard skin, turning the surface to continue to be branded.

When both sides have hard skin, they will be branded.


Pour a little oil into the dough so that the dough will be more stiff. Cabbage does not use water, cut directly, when baking pies, cabbage will water, just and meat filling, taste complementary. It is not recommended to add water with meat filling. I think the water from cabbage tastes better. Mix cabbage and dice, then add salt. That is to say, salt is to be put before the pie is wrapped, so it will reduce the water.

Put soy sauce, to put a small amount of sugar in the meat filling, no salt is fresh, sugar is not discord. Sugar is used for flavor. With sugar added, soy sauce won’t be bitter