How to make pork and onion sweet wheat cake delicious

Material Science

Pork is 100g, wheat flour is 300g, and green onion is 100g.


1. add 100 g of pork powder with proper salt, proper amount of fragrant oil and proper amount of yellow wine for 30 minutes for standby

2. add a proper amount of salt to the flour and mix well, then add a proper amount of warm water to knead into dough, and cover with the fresh-keeping film for 20 minutes;

3. the dough is rolled into strips, and then divided into 6 small dosage forms. The small dosage pieces are wrapped into appropriate amount of pork and onion. The small dosage forms are rolled into round cakes of about 0.3 cm-0.5cm, and then a layer of oil is applied

4. put oil in the pan, put in onion cake, fry the yellow side and turn over the surface with a small fire. Finally fry until both sides are golden and ripe