How to make pork, egg and shrimp pie

Material Science

Flour, pork, egg, shrimp, scallion, salt, chicken essence, soy sauce, sesame oil


1. Mix the flour with cold water and use chopsticks to make the dough smooth

2. Cover and let stand for 20 minutes

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4. Add chopped green onion

5. Add salt, chicken essence, sesame oil, soy sauce and a little water

6. Stir in one direction with chopsticks until strong. Refrigerate for 15 minutes

7. Break up 2 eggs

8. Fry well and put it on a plate to cool

9. Shrimp shell

10. Cut into granules

11. Mix meat, eggs and shrimps to make a pie

12. Knead the dough into long strips and pull them into small pieces

13. After flattening, roll it into a slightly thick skin in the middle and thin skin on both sides, put in the meat stuffing, wrap it into a bun shape, then flatten it and roll it into a pancake

14. Heat the pan (low heat), spread oil on it, put the cake in the pan, fry both sides repeatedly with slow heat, and the cake will be cooked when it bulges

15. Put the cake out of the pot into a deeper container and cover it. Just a moment