How to make pork, ham, peanut and red bean dumplings delicious

Material Science

Glutinous rice, rice dumpling leaf, pork, ham, peanut, red bean, salt, raw, old, wine, pepper powder, five flavor powder, sugar,


1. brush and wash the rice dumpling leaves after soaking

2. put it in a large pot for about 10 minutes, and boil the cotton thread together and sterilize it

3. wash and soak glutinous rice for two hours

4. drain water

5. mix a little oil and salt for standby

6. soak the red beans and peanuts for more than six hours, add them into glutinous rice and mix well

7. cut two ends of Zong leaf

8. prepare all the tools

9. cut large pieces of pork into fresh, old, wine, sugar, pepper powder and a small amount of five flavor powder for one night in advance for flavor

10. wash the ham and cook for 20 minutes to remove the excess salt oil, and cut large pieces

11. roll the leaves of Zong, first put glutinous rice, then put the pork and ham

12. fill with glutinous rice

13. wrap zongzi in the way and shape you like

14. after all the bags are wrapped, put them in a large pot, add enough cold water without zongzi

15. cover with a grate (the type of the middle partition of the steamer), and press another plate

16. after the pot is covered and the fire is over, turn to a small fire for about 3 hours