How to make pork ribs with mushrooms

Mushroom ribs bag

Raw materials: 250 g of flour, 130 g of water, 10 g of sugar, 1g of salt and 3 g of yeast,

Filling: 5 ribs, three mushrooms, half onion, one onion, 3 grams raw, 5g of wine, 3 g Sugar, 3 g salt and 2G old

Weight: 5, 80g dough.

The method of mushroom ribs bag

1. Add 3 grams of raw sauce, 5g of cooking wine, 3 g of sugar, 3 g of salt and 2G of old smoked bone for one night. Then cut into the mushrooms, onions, shallots. Cut vegetables larger because they will become smaller when they are steamed.

2. Stir evenly and stand aside for standby.

3. The dough is first kneaded into a slightly thick dough. Put the plastic film in the container and put it in a small pot with warm water. Cover. 30 Minutes. I just knead the dough here. Because I don’t want to waste time in this place. I’ll rub it smooth in 30 minutes.

Some friends will ask: This is a fermentation here. It’s going to go through a fermentation later in the cage. Then the dough will be twice as big as it is steamed. So it’s not four times the size of the original dough?

It’s not. After one fermentation, we have to rub it back to its original state. The shape is unchanged before the second fermentation. When the cage started steaming, it only doubled)

4. Knead into a smooth dough after 30 minutes. This is an important step. Whether it’s bread or bun. The dough must be smooth before operation. Otherwise, it will affect the selling of your finished products.

5. Then rub the growth bar with your hand,

6. Cut into four sections with a knife,

7. It’s about 80 grams of dough, five.

8. Take one of the “circles”

9. Wrap in the mushroom ribs. Because my ribs are fresh from the supermarket. Then I didn’t think about making bags when I pickled. So the ribs are cut larger. So, this steamed bun will be bigger. To sell good, you can cut the ribs a little smaller, and it is easy to steam and taste. But when you marinate the ribs, one night.)

10, then pack it

11. Grease the cage, put the steamed bun on, put some warm water in the steamer, and steam after about 30 minutes. 40 minutes. If you have a bone that is cooked, it’s 20 minutes. I did it to get the original ribs.)