How to make potato cake with egg milk

It is sweet and salty.

Material Science

Main material: 200g potatoes (yellow skin),

Accessories: 75 g eggs, 50g milk, 10 g wheat flour,

Seasoning: 2G salt, 10 g white sugar, 2G chicken essence


1. shell the eggs and scatter them in the bowl;

2. add milk, salt, sugar and chicken essence, and mix into egg milk;

3. steamed potatoes and peeled, mashed into mud;

4. add flour and egg milk to mash potatoes to form a powder dough;

5. the powder is processed into a small ball with a diameter of 1 cm, and flattened gently by hand;

6. fry in the oil pan until both sides are golden yellow, and then put on the drain plate.


Health tips:

Egg milk potato cake is mainly potatoes, and eggs and milk are added to make nutrition more abundant. It is a snack that is suitable for both old and young people in the family and can be eaten frequently.

Food is compatible:

Eggs: eating with goose meat can damage the spleen and stomach; eating with rabbit meat and persimmon leads to diarrhea; at the same time, it is not suitable to eat with turtle, carp, bean milk and tea.