How to make potato cake with hot and sour tomato juice

Material Science

1 potato, 3 tbsp flour, 1 egg, a little onion, 1 tbsp garlic chili sauce, a little pepper, 4 tbsp tomato sauce


1. Potato cake: slice the potatoes into thin strips, put them into water to wash away the excess starch, and use a clean large wrist to put in flour and eggs to make batter (a little water can be added) and put them into shredded potatoes to mix well.

2. Heat the pan, add oil, fry the potato cake paste in the pan until golden on one side, then turn over and fry on the other side. Wait until the potato cake is cooked (about 4 minutes on each side) and serve.

3. Saute the tomato sauce and pepper in a small saucepan until well thickened.