How to make potato cake with smiling face

I've wanted to make this smiley face potato cake for a long time. It's a must order dish when I go out to eat. Some time ago, I saw a quick-frozen dish in Metro supermarket, so I bought it and fried it. Last time I didn't wait for my birthday to take a picture, the children snatched it, which shows the joy of it in the eyes of the children. So I thought, if only I could make this potato cake! Unfortunately, baidu hasn't found a way to do it for a long time, so it thought about it and specially looked at the formula marked on the quick-frozen bag, including potato, vegetable oil, dehydrated potato powder, modified potato powder, salt, potassium chloride, edible spices, glucose, disodium dihydrogen pyrophosphate. How many additives do you buy? Do it yourself!

Material Science

Potato right amount corn starch right amount flour right amount salt right amount salad oil right amount


1. Prepare main materials

2. Peel and slice potatoes and steam them

3. Mash the steamed potatoes, add a little salt and starch

4. Slowly knead into potato dough

5. Roll out the potato dough and make it into 0.6 large pieces

6. Take a round biscuit mold and put it in the big piece. Cut a small round piece

7. After cutting, it’s like this. The rest can be expressed well. Rolling and cutting die is not wasted at all

8. 8. Drag a layer of flour on the surface of the small round dough (there is no flour on the front, the fried face is flowery)

9. Use the bottom of a round chopstick to poke out two eyes on the round piece

10. Use the bottom of the handle of the spoon to poke out the shape of the mouth

11. Is it cute?

12. Make another pass before putting the oil in the pan

13. In oil pan, deep fry over medium low heat until yellowish. (it’s a cooked potato. Don’t fry it too old.)

14. It’s delicious to dip in tomato sauce when eating, while it’s hot!