How to make potato carrot cabbage cake

Friends who love to eat vegetables must like it. At noon, a friend at home, lunch also do not blindly make up, potato and vegetable cake is saving, and nutritious.

Material Science

Medium potatoes 1, carrot 1, cabbage leaves 1-2 pieces, big egg 1, corn starch 2-3 tablespoons, oil, chicken essence, salt


1. Peel potatoes and wipe into silk, peel carrots and then cut cabbage leaves into small segments of silk.

2. Then all the ingredients are mixed in the container, the eggs are put in, and the seasoning materials such as salt and chicken essence are added (according to their taste), and then they are stirred evenly. (all materials can be used as 2 cakes with one palm straight through)

3. The flat bottom is not sticky to the pot for small heat, put in a little oil, and after the oil is hot, put in the mixed material, and flatten the whole shape with the spatula, and do not be too thick.

4. Fry in small heat and turn over. Fry both sides until golden.


1. Don’t make the cakes too big, or they won’t turn over easily.

2. The potatoes can also be replaced by sweet potatoes or pumpkin.

3. Add a little 17636; or onion.

4. A little bacon will be more delicious for friends who like meat (cooked food is necessary)

5. If vegetables are difficult to form, add one more egg.