How to make potato carrot spinach cake

Material Science

Flour, potatoes, carrots, eggs, spinach


1. put spinach into boiling water, blanch and scald, then cut it, put it into the machine, and then knock in an egg and press it into juice

2. take a proper amount of flour, pour in the pressed egg spinach juice, and stir evenly with salt, chicken essence and proper amount of oil. The consistency of batter can be quickly dropped by spoon. If spinach juice is poured, add appropriate amount of water to mix

3. peel potatoes and carrots separately, and use tools to make silk

4. pan is hot, pour a little oil, turn to medium and small heat, pour batter into pan, turn pan and spread into round cake, fry both sides

5. stir fry potatoes and carrot silk, and adjust the taste according to individual taste

6. finally, lay the fried potato and carrot silk on the spinach cake, and roll it well