How to make potato omelet

Material Science

New Potatoes… 1

(the kind of small one needs about 2 or 3)

Egg… 1

(the ratio of the two is only to be based on egg liquid)

Sausage… A little

(add a little to taste, or you can change it into bacon, ham…)

Carrots… 14

Cabbage… A small piece

Salt… A little

Black pepper… A little


1. steam potatoes first, wash and peel the chips, and steam them off water.

2. then rub some carrot silk.

3. break up another egg. I also put a little cabbage silk and sausage, put a little sausage will be delicious, sausage can be steamed in a steamer with potatoes, steamed for a few minutes, take out the shredded spare.

4. when you have the above materials ready, the potatoes will be steamed and pressed into mashed potatoes.

5. pour in the scattered egg liquid.

6. stir evenly.

7. put in all the dishes.

8. stir well, add a little salt and pepper to seasoning.

9. heat the pan with a little oil, scoop a spoon of mashed potato egg paste, pour it into the pan and spread it into a cake. Take out the two sides of the pan with golden yellow.

~~Potato and egg cake, a good food, you can try to make it!