How to make potato onion omelet

Potato onion omelette, also known as Spanish omelet. In Spain, there is a constant debate over whether the omelet should be eaten hot or cold. Whatever the answer is? Omelet is the best snack when and where. Weight: 2 preparation time: 60 minutes

Material Science

Potato 150g, onion 30g, olive oil 3-4 tbsp, egg 6, salt and pepper


(1) Cook potatoes in water, peel and slice. Season with salt and pepper. Set aside.

(2) Shell the eggs and beat well. Season with salt and pepper.

(3) Stir fry the onion in olive oil, stir the egg liquid with a wooden spoon, add the egg liquid and potato chips slowly.

(4) Heat until the egg liquid is slightly formed, and turn the furnace fire into a low fire.

(5) Bake the waffles until golden brown and serve on a plate.


If you are worried that it is difficult to control the heat when frying eggs, you can try to use medium heat and add the egg liquid slowly. Don’t be impatient when cooking, cook the egg liquid in the pot until it is slightly caked before adding new egg liquid.

Wine matching

Alta Rio cosecha red wine from Rioja, full of the aroma of Tempranillo grape, with egg cakes, is very suitable for the wine