How to make potato Patty

Material Science

150 grams pork filling, 200g potatoes, 50 grams sesame kernel. The seasoning oil is 1500 g (about 75 g), soy sauce 1 tablespoon, refined salt 1 / 2 spoon, pepper noodles, MSG 1 / 4 tablespoons, onion, ginger.


1. Chop the pork filling into fine mud; wash, cook and peel the potatoes. Add meat mud and mash them into mashed potatoes. Then add refined salt, soy sauce, pepper noodles and msg to stir evenly.

2. First, mash the mashed potatoes into balls with yolk, then press into a round cake about 1 cm thick, then dip sesame seeds on both sides for standby. When the oil pan is hot to 50% hot, fry the potato patties thoroughly, and then remove the plate when it is golden yellow.

Material replacement

Raw potato mud is replaced with tofu mud, known as fried tofu cake.

Taste change

Dip in Spicy Salt, called spicy potato cake.

How to make potato Patty

Material Science

1 medium potato, 100g lean meat, 50g flour, onion, ginger, pepper, salt, monosodium glutamate, vegetable oil


1. Peel and slice the potatoes, steam them, cool them a little, put them into the fresh-keeping bag and roll them into mud.

2. Finely chop lean meat, onion and ginger, add pepper, salt and monosodium glutamate, and stir well.

3. Divide into small mashed potatoes and knead evenly.

4. Brush a layer of vegetable oil inside the electric cake pan (or pan), heat it and put it into a small ball to flatten it.

5. After one side is fried yellow, turn the other side and fry until golden.


1. Potatoes to choose rough skin, or skin for purple red, these two kinds of starch content, delicious.

2. If you don’t peel and steam potatoes, mark a few layers on the surface and peel them well after steaming.

3. Steamed potatoes can also be pressed into mud with a spoon. This process needs to take advantage of the heat and can’t be pressed when it’s cold.

4. When the ball is small, put some vegetable oil on the palm of the hand, it won’t stick to the hand.

5. Eat directly as staple food, you can lose weight.