How to make pumpkin and jujube cake

Pumpkin and jujube cake

Ingredients: Pumpkin, jujube, flour, baking powder.

How to make pumpkin and jujube cake

Practice of pumpkin and jujube cake

1. Cut the pumpkin into pieces and steam it.

2. The steamed pumpkin is peeled and pressed into mud.

3. After the pumpkin puree is cooled, add flour and baking powder.

4. And into a soft dough, put into the mold for fermentation.

5. When the hair is twice to triple the size, add the soaked jujube.

6. Steam for 25 minutes. Cut into small pieces when eating.

hot tip

1. Do not add water Oh, pumpkin mud higher moisture, do not add water Oh.

2. Like sweet can put some sugar, I think pumpkin is sweet enough, there is no sugar.