How to make pumpkin cake delicious

Eat pumpkin often, tonifying the role of Qi, it contains some ingredients can neutralize the pesticide residues in food, as well as nitrite and other harmful substances, promote the secretion of human insulin, but also help liver and kidney cells increase the regeneration ability. The citrulline contained in pumpkin can drive away parasites. Besides bactericidal and dysentery inhibiting effects, it can also reduce the content of cholesterol in blood and reduce the level of blood glucose. So eat more pumpkin, not only can satiety, feces increase, but also can prevent obesity and sugar increase.

This time, the pan used for pancakes is a 26cm DuPont Teflon newwenbao color non stick frying pan. The inside of the pan is a durable anodized twist non stick pan, and the outer layer is goose yellow. To make this cake, I only use oil brush to brush a thin layer of oil, non stick effect is very good. Usage experience: the yellow goose color of the pot looks very comfortable; the streamlined stainless steel handle and cover handle are safe and not hot; the stainless steel handles on both sides of the pot are very convenient to use; the thick stainless steel cover is tightly closed, so the nutrition and delicious food are not easy to lose.

Material Science

700g pumpkin, 1 cup flour, 5g salt, 1 teaspoon pepper, 1 cup water.


1. Peel and flesh the pumpkin and cut it into silk.

2. Salt for a while.

3. When the pumpkin is soft, add flour, pepper and water.

4. Heat a non stick pan, apply some oil and pour in some batter.

5. Fry over medium low heat until golden on both sides, and then cook thoroughly.