How to make pumpkin cake with coix seed

Autumn is a big word, which can always arouse people's imagination. Pomegranate red, orange green, mint bloom, Castle Peak is still in, several sunset red. In this season, women are still busy, busy with children, housework and work, often too busy to take care of themselves. In fact, women's skin blackened in summer needs to be repaired and maintained. In addition to choosing skin care products for themselves, internal tonic is also very important. VC, VA, protein and minerals are the high quality sources of whitening and nourishing skin. Coix seed is such a good whitening material, women should eat it more in autumn. Job's tears pumpkin cake taste good, and has whitening effect, might as well do this to eat, beauty is always from the inside out.

Material Science

Pumpkin 300 grams, job’s tears 30 grams, glutinous rice flour (side and pumpkin mud side), honey, oil, bread bran


1. Soak the job’s tears in advance for 20 minutes, peel and cut the pumpkin into pieces (the thickness is random, and the thin is easy to be steamed), steam the job’s tears and pumpkin pieces in water (remove the cooked pumpkin and continue steaming job’s tears), pound the cooked pumpkin into mud, and the job’s tears are also cooked (job’s tears don’t need to be mashed), put job’s tears and honey into the pumpkin mud and mix well.

2. Add glutinous rice flour to the pumpkin paste, and slowly pour glutinous rice flour while mixing the pumpkin paste until it becomes a non stick pumpkin dough.

3. Divide the dough into a small amount, take one of them, knead round and press flat.

4. Stick bread bran on both sides, spread cooking oil on the pan, add pumpkin cake and fry it over low heat until both sides are golden (pumpkin paste and coix seed are cooked, don’t fry for too long).


It’s also delicious to replace honey with sugar.