How to make pumpkin dumplings

Material Science

Pumpkin, glutinous rice flour, bean paste filling


1. Steam the pumpkin (or microwave it), dig out the meat with a spoon and make it mud.

2. Mix pumpkin paste and glutinous rice flour while it’s hot to form a ball. The steamed pumpkin has more water, so you don’t need to add water. If the ball is too hard, you can add some warm water.

3. Mix the dough, rub it, and pull it into a small dosage form.

4. Press flat, pack in bean paste stuffing, and form a round ball.

5. You can cook and eat them. You can also dip the surface of pumpkin dumplings with bread bran. Heat them in oil pan until 70% heat. Then put the dumplings and deep fry them over medium heat.


Like to eat sweet, you can put some sugar in the pumpkin dough.