How to make pumpkin health soup round delicious

Material Science

Sweet pumpkin, sesame soup round, fresh milk, water, glutinous rice flour water, sugar, salt.


1. Wash and peel pumpkin and cut into small pieces, sprinkle a small amount of water, microwave it for 4-5 minutes to make pumpkin ripen and soft;

2. Take out pumpkin and mash it into pumpkin mud with rolling stick;

3. Add water to boil in the pan, put the sesame soup round in Ningbo, stir and cook until the soup is floating, add half bowl of cold water to continue boiling, then remove the boiled dumpling and soak it in ice water;

4. After washing, add appropriate amount of milk and water, pour in the mashed pumpkin, cook and mix well. After boiling, add the appropriate amount of glutinous rice flour water to thicken and stir into pumpkin paste;

5. Finally, pour the cooked dumpling back into the pumpkin paste, add some sugar and a little salt to mix well.


1. Pumpkin is best choice of delicate and sweet varieties, taste color is better;

2. You can also choose to cook pumpkin with water, but the pumpkin will be boiled out of water, so do not add too much water at first, and then make full use of mash after cooking;

3. Fresh milk can be replaced by milk, and it is faster to cook dumplings and pumpkin paste in two pots at the same time;

4. Besides making dumplings by themselves, lazy can be replaced by sesame small dumplings sold in the market. The cooked dumplings can be soaked in ice water, which can make the dumplings more q-slippery (or the soaking steps can be omitted);

5. Glutinous rice flour and proper amount of water can be used to make glutinous rice powder water, which can increase the consistency of pumpkin paste, but pay attention not to add too much, so as to avoid too thick and bad taste;

6. Finally, the salt is intended to improve the taste, and the amount is very low.