How to make pumpkin lasagna cake

Material Science

Pumpkin flour fermented powder edible oil hawthorn cake


1. Steam the pumpkin in the pot, grind it into mud with a spoon while it is hot, boil the fermented powder with warm water, make the pumpkin mud and flour alive into dough, and then ferment to double the original size

2. Cut the Hawthorn cake into pieces and set aside

3. Knead the flour to exhaust the air, divide it into several tablets of the same size and roll them into pieces.

4. Spread out a piece of dough, brush a thin layer of oil on it, spread a layer of Hawthorn grain, cover another piece of dough, and so on. After using all the dough, put it aside and wake up for ten minutes

5. Boil the water in the steamer and put in the noodles