How to make pumpkin pastry

Pumpkin pasta

Raw materials: half of the melon is about 400g, flour is 250 G

How to make pumpkin pastry

Seasoning: yeast, oil

The practice of pumpkin pasta

1. wash pumpkin and cut into small pieces, and cook in microwave oven.

2. press the spoon into mud, or use the feeder to make mud.

3. add flour and yeast to make dry batter.

4. scoop up a spoon of batter and put it in the pan, flatten with a shovel, and cook both sides.

Food experience:

1. pumpkin is golden melon, with golden color and good-looking pancakes.

2. the smaller the cut block is when steaming pumpkin, the faster it ripens, and energy saving.

3. pumpkin mud can be pressed so delicate, a little more delicious particles, but if used for Western point, it is better to smooth and smooth.

4. like to eat sweet, can add some sugar in, I think pumpkin sweetness enough, did not add.