How to make pumpkin Qifeng nut cake

Pumpkin Qifeng nut cake

Raw materials of Qifeng: 4 eggs, 100g low flour, 50g olive oil, 70g milk, 60g sugar (40g protein, 20g egg yolk), a few drops of lemon juice, 50g pumpkin puree

How to make pumpkin Qifeng nut cake

Sandwich: Almond broken amount, raisin amount, jujube amount, longan amount

How to make pumpkin Qifeng nut cake

Surface decoration: appropriate amount of sugar beads

How to make pumpkin Qifeng nut cake

Pumpkin Qifeng nut cake

1: Egg, olive oil, milk, low powder, sugar. These are the materials for making Qi Feng.

2: It is a kind of sandwich material used in pumpkin paste and pumpkin Qifeng. (almonds, red dates and longan should be cut into small pieces)

3: Separate egg yolk and protein and put them into oil-free and water-free containers. Add 20 grams of sugar to the yolk.

4: Stir until sugar melts.

5: Add olive oil and stir well.

6: Add milk and stir well.

7: Add pumpkin puree.

8: Mix well.

9: Sift in the low flour.

10: Use the scraper to stir up and down, cut and mix evenly, and make the egg yolk paste.

11: Add a few drops of lemon juice to the egg white, stir at low speed until the fish’s eyes are bubbly, then add 60 grams of sugar in three times, and beat until hard foaming.

12: Take 13% protein and add it to the yolk paste.

13: Turn up and down, cut and mix evenly.

14: After stirring, pour it back into the protein.

15: Cut and mix well again to make a delicate cake paste.

16: First, pour half of the cake paste into the cake mold, and then spread a layer of dried fruits to make a sandwich.

17: Then pour in the remaining half of the cake paste and smooth the surface, then pick up the mold and shake it twice to eliminate the big bubbles in the cake paste.

18: Sprinkle a layer of sugar beads evenly on the surface for decoration, and then put it into the preheated oven 180 degrees for about 50 minutes. (the temperature of my oven is a little low. The specific temperature and time should be suitable for my oven.)

A bite down, that soft cake, that almond fruit, thick delicious in the tongue for a long time aftertaste.


1: Pumpkin puree is pumpkin peeled and cut into pieces. After steaming, take it out while it is hot and put it into a bowl. Press it into puree with a spoon.

2. Adding lemon juice to egg white is good for whipping, and the taste will be natural and fresh. It can also be replaced by white vinegar. 2-3 drops is enough, too much will affect the taste.

3. Insert toothpick into the cake and try it by hand when pulling it out. If there is wet batter on it, it means the cake is not ripe. If it is clean, it means it is ripe.