How to make pumpkin yogurt salad

Children are active, easy to hunger, and, if measured per kilogram of body weight, children's nutrient requirements are even higher than adult pumpkin yogurt salad. But their stomach capacity is small, so it's impossible to meet their nutritional needs just by eating three meals a day... At this time, snacks can just make up for the lack of nutrition and energy in their diet. Pumpkin yogurt salad "25 kinds of lovely snacks" provide nutrition for children

Material Science

Pumpkin, corn, yogurt, biscuit


1. Wash the pumpkin, cut off the two ends of the pedicle, and then cut in half, dig out the pumpkin seeds, cut into pieces, steamed, and then peeled, screened and pressed into pumpkin mud.

2. Take a proper amount of pumpkin paste and knead it into a ball. Put it on the biscuit and press it out with your fingers.

3. Decorate the corn kernels on the outside and pour yogurt on the center.

Nutritious pumpkin salad for kids