How to make purple potato cake roll

Purple potato cake roll

Cake roll batter material: egg yolk 4, protein 4, sugar 60 g, low gluten flour 80 G

How to make purple potato cake roll

Filling materials of purple potato cheese: 150g cream cheese, 20g fine sugar, 100g purple potato paste, 50g fresh cream

How to make purple potato cake roll

Amount: 1 long cake roll about 30cm long

How to make purple potato cake roll

How to make purple potato cake roll

How to make purple potato cake roll

1. To make purple potato cheese stuffing: soften the cream cheese at room temperature, add fine granulated sugar and stir well until smooth, add purple potato mud and stir well, and finally add fresh cream and stir well, then the purple potato cheese stuffing is ready.

2. To make cake roll batter: add 20g sugar into the egg yolk until it is thick and slightly expanded. Add 40g sugar into the egg yolk in three times until it can be picked up with an egg beater to form a right angle and slightly curved tip. Then take a small part of the protein into the egg yolk batter and stir it with a rubber scraper. Then pour the egg yolk batter into most of the remaining protein and stir it evenly. Finally, mix the low protein Sift in gluten flour and stir with a rubber scraper until it is even and dry powder is not visible.

3. Put the round flower mounting mouth with a diameter of 5mm into the flower mounting bag, and then put the paste into the flower mounting belt. Extrude several vertical bars in the baking tray with non stick cloth, with an overall length of about 3040cm. Then put them into the middle layer of the preheated oven, and bake at 180 degrees for about 10-15 minutes until it shows a light baking color.

4. After baking, remove the cake from the non stick cloth, and cut both sides of the cake to cool slightly.

5. When the cake is still a little warm, turn the cake pieces upside down, put the purple potato cheese stuffing on the cake pieces, and wipe less on the four sides. Roll up the cake pieces and put them in the refrigerator for 15 minutes to make them set. After taking them out, they can be cut into pieces for eating.

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1. Because there are some purple sweet potato fibers in the steamed purple sweet potato, it is necessary to sift the mashed sweet potato after steaming, so as to obtain more detailed purple sweet potato paste.

2. The consistency of purple potato cheese stuffing is adjusted by fresh cream, so that it can be easily spread on the cake, rolled up and plastic.

3. When squeezing this kind of slanting cake batter with the mounting bag, first squeeze the diagonal line, determine the main line, and then fill the batter on both sides of the diagonal line.

4. The batter used to make the cake roll should not be baked too much. It seems to have a light golden color on the surface, and it can feel elastic. After the fire, the cake is easy to lose more water, and it will be more difficult to roll.

5. Spread the stuffing on the cake slice to be smooth and thin around.