How to make purple potato cake

Material Science

250 g purple potato, 300g flour, 30g sugar, 5g yeast powder, 250-280 g water, a little raisins and a little honey date


1. after the purple potato is steamed and peeled, put it into the basin to form mud

2. add clear water and sugar into purple potato mud, beat it into fine purple potato paste with blender, and stir evenly with fermentation powder

3. add flour

4. mix flour and purple potato paste into dough with scraper and chopsticks

5. put all dough into 8-inch cake mould, stick water slightly with scraper, and smooth the dough surface

6. when fermenting to twice the size, sprinkle some raisins and dates on the surface, put them in a cold water pan, turn to medium heat for 25 minutes after the big fire is burned, and then simmer for 5 minutes after closing the fire. After the pot is cooled, cut the block and pack the plate