How to make purple potato cheese

Baking the first oven, adding baking soda, as a result, the beautiful color of purple potato became a mess, deep blue and purple mixed with green spots, it is simply unbearable - but the taste, but still beautiful

I thought for a long time, why, and then in a trance to take a bath in a moment, I like “inside spy 00 hair” in Stephen Chow found that the same sex repels the opposite sex to attract the general voice: I understand! Acid red Alkali Blue!

Isn’t the litmus solution in middle school chemistry experiment just like this?

I ran out of the bathroom in a hurry and made a new one. This meeting is really pink and purple

Material Science

High flour 100g, low flour 100g, sugar 60g, baking powder 6G, a little salt, butter 65g, mozzarella 50g, purple potato mud 165G, vinegar (or lemon juice) a small spoon, a whole egg liquid, about 50g, milk 25g


Mix high and low flour, baking powder, sugar and salt, sift into the basin, cut butter and mozzarella into small pieces, add into the flour, mix well by hand

Add purple sweet potato mud (after purple sweet potato is cooked, roll it into mud, add vinegar, mix well, so as to keep PP purple!) The whole egg liquid, milk, grasp into a ball by hand, do not over knead noodles. Wrap the dough in the plastic wrap and relax for 30 minutes. (it can be put in the refrigerator in summer to relax)

Take out the dough and roll it gently to 2cm thick

Cut the mold into small pieces

Preheat the oven and drain the dough into the pan

180C up and down the fire about 20 minutes.


Crazy words:

Masurila can not be added. If there is a little at home, it will be thrown in

After the purple potato is cooked, roll it into mud, add vinegar or lemon juice, mix well, so you can keep the purple color of PP!