How to make purple sweet potato Qifeng cake roll

Purple sweet potato Qifeng cake roll

I like purple potato very much. Its taste is not to mention much. I love its color most. The natural pigment is healthy and delicious.

How to make purple sweet potato Qifeng cake roll

This cake roll is the original Qifeng cake roll. When the mashed purple potato is added, it will change completely

The taste of the cake roll, this is the first time I try to use sweet potato mud as the filling material. It feels delicious, and I will

Try this filling more.

Qi Feng cake roll is not much said, say the way to fill

Filling; Sweet Potato Cream

After screening, 250 g of purple sweet potato mud, 50g butter and 50g of fresh milk.

The practice of cake roll with purple sweet potato and Qifeng

Soften butter at room temperature, add it to purple potato mud, stir well with Blender

Fresh milk should also be put in the indoor temperature, and a few times of method is added to the purple potato mud, and then the purple potato cream is formed by stirring evenly.

After the cake is cold, apply the purple potato cream on the inside of the cake roll, roll it up and wrap it in the cake paper and put it in the refrigerator

Refrigerate for 1 hour and cut the block after setting.

The cake roll is decorated with Purple Sweet Potato Cream extruded shell pattern. This is to play its own.