How to make Qifeng cake for the first time

The first product I learned in betaI's baking section`

Material Science

5 g Sugar, 40 g salad oil, 20 g milk, 1 g baking powder, 0. 5 g salt, 54 g low gluten powder, 1 ml vanilla extract, 47. 5 g egg yolk, 95 G protein, 2. 5 g Tata powder


Fine sugar, 7.5G salad oil, milk, powder and salt, stir well

Sift in flour and stir with a rubber knife

Add egg yolk and mix well

Preheat the oven 150 degrees

Protein into the Tata powder, high speed, three times into the sugar 45 grams, until dry

Mix 1 / 3 protein into the egg yolk paste, then pour back the protein and mix well

The penultimate layer, 150 degrees, about 50-60 minutes (about 35 minutes)


The mold should be dropped when entering and leaving the furnace, which can reduce bubbles and demould easily

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