How to make quick rolls, steamed bread and steamed buns

Quick hair curls, steamed bread and steamed bun

Ha ha, a lot of pasta.

This time, it was done in a quick way.

How can we make it fast, step by step.

Material Science

The flour with low gluten is 450 g, water is 250ml (the biggest black spoon is 1cup), yeast is 6 g (1tbsp is not full), 3 g of powder is bubbled, 30ml (18cup) is condensed milk, 7.5G (12tbsp), 2.5ml (12tsp) oil, 1g salt (14tsp) salt


1. Prepare materials

2. All materials are placed in one container

3. Stir with chopsticks

4. Knead dough

5. Cover the cloth and wake up for 5 minutes

6. Knead the growth bar

7. Cut into segments

8. Round steamed bread blank

9. All the steamed bread

10. Brush the steamer with oil

11. Put the steamed bread green on the steamer for 1 hour

12. Look at the bun below, roll the dough into a round section

13. Packing and filling heart

14. Packed bags

15. Look at the flower roll below, and the large dough roll into rectangular patch

16. Brush it

17. Salt

18. Sprinkle with onion and pine

19. Roll

20. Cut into segments

21. Use chopsticks to press

22. Make a curl shape

23. Still oil the steamer, put the curl on it and wake up for an hour

24. Steam in the cage for 20 minutes

25. The appearance of steamed bread green on the cage

26. Steam it

27. Appearance of steamed bun in cage

28. Steam it


1. I use low gluten flour here. You can use ordinary flour instead.

2. I used foam powder here. You can not use it. If you use it, please use aluminum free foam to make powder.

3. The temperature is relatively low now. In order to make the steamed bread ferment better, it is better to put it in a higher room temperature environment. If not, the water on the cage can be burned to 40 degrees slightly. When the temperature is measured by hand, put the green into the oven.

4. In order to save time, it is allowed to put a little foam and powder

5. To make the bun shiny, add a little salad oil

6. In order to make the steamed bun white, some condensed milk can be put

7. In order to make the steamed bun taste and ferment more easily, add a proper amount of sugar

8. Put salt in order to make the taste of sugar more exciting.

9. You can also put the green on the electric blanket to help ferment.

10. To make yeast activity more exciting, you can dissolve the yeast in warm water first.

11. The yeast here can be used either by ordinary yeast or by high sugar resistant yeast, but note that if you have more sugar, it is better to use high sugar resistant yeast.

12. The time of waking up is not subject to me. This is related to your temperature. If your room temperature is higher, you don’t have to wake up for too long. Instead, the steamed bread will be easily sent out.

13. The steamer is painted to prevent the contamination. You can also use the cage cloth. However, when using the cage cloth, it is better to choose a thicker one, so the anti-dip effect will be better.

14. The amount of a steamer here is 250 g flour. You can choose double-layer steamer, so that a steamer can make a kilogram of flour bread.

15. If you are afraid that the bread will be wet under the green, you should not touch some flour under the bread which is best made, so it is not easy to touch.

16. The ratio of dough to water can be knead into dough, and it is not necessarily measured by scale.

17. If you feel the dough is a little dry when you wake up, you can spray some water to relieve it.

18. When steaming steamed bread, we must pay attention to the fire. The steamed bread is not easy to fail. The time is usually between 15-20 minutes. This is also related to the size of steamed bread and the size of fire.

19. How to measure your steamed bread is good. Time is up. After the steamer is opened, you press the steamed bread with your hand, and the rebound will show that the steamed bread is cooked.

20. When making steamed bun, the filling heart is in their own control. Ordinary people like to use mushroom and green vegetables, meat stuffing, beef, bean paste and snow vegetables, all of which are OK.

21. Do not take the awakened green billet at will, which will destroy the steamed bread image.

22. After the dough is done, it is better to give him a relaxed process, which will help you shape your steamed bread.

23. In the process of making this steamed bun, there is less process of first awakening. I think some novices may have surface knot or bad appearance by traditional methods. You can try this method.