How to make raisin and longan zongzi delicious

Material Science

500 grams of glutinous rice, about 100 grams of zongzi leaves, a little raisins, a little longan meat


1. Wash the glutinous rice and set it aside for 20 minutes

2. Cut three leaves of rice dumplings together and cut off the head

3. Roll the leaves of rice dumplings into a barrel

4. Pack a little glutinous rice first

5. Add longan meat

6. More glutinous rice and raisins

7. Then fill it with rice

8. Re compaction

9. Then cover the extra leaves of rice dumplings and form a triangle

10. Fold up

11. Tie it with thread

12. Then put the rice dumplings into the electric pressure cooker, the water does not pass the rice dumplings, 20 minutes. Open the lid in three hours