How to make raspberry and strawberry cheese cake

Raspberry and strawberry cheese cake

6 inch (15cm) round cake mold 1

How to make raspberry and strawberry cheese cake

Cake base material: 70 g digested biscuit, 35 g salt free butter (heated and melted)

Cream cheese paste (light pink part) ingredients: 180g cream cheese (return to room temperature), 35g sour cream (I replaced it with yogurt), 150g raspberry fruit paste

45g fine granulated sugar, 7g gilding slice, 100ml fresh cream (milk fat content is more than 35), return to room temperature, 1.5 tbsp cherry wine, 1 tbsp fresh lemon juice, raspberry jam: 50g raspberry jam, 8g fine granulated sugar, 1 tbsp cherry wine

Surface decoration raw materials: fresh strawberry amount, fresh cream 100g, sugar 15g

*I use the raspberry fruit Rong is to buy ready-made (sugar), with their own fresh raspberry dozen can also, then add 10 sugar

How to make a cake bottom

1. Put the digested biscuit in the food bag, grind it with a rolling pin, pour in the melted butter, and continue to grind it with a rolling pin until it becomes a uniform fine powder

2. Pour 1% of the powder into the cake mold, press the bottom with a rolling pin, and freeze in the refrigerator for 20 minutes

Cream cheese paste

1. Soak the gelatine slices in cold water until soft. Set the cream cheese at room temperature until soft (or put it in the microwave oven to beat slightly)

2. Pour the soft cream cheese into the container and mix well with the manual mixer

3. Pour 150g of raspberry and 45g of sugar into a small pot, heat over low heat, turn off the heat before boiling, control the water content of the pickled gelatine slices to dry, and then add in. Mix well until all the gelatine slices dissolve

4. Pour 2% of the cheese into 3% of the mashed fruit, stir each bit, then pour a little, then add cherry wine and lemon juice, and stir well

5. Add the fresh cream back to room temperature into 4. Mix well

6. Prepare a basin of ice water, put the above cheese paste basin on top, and stir with a rubber spatula until it becomes sticky (or you can put it in the refrigerator for about 10-15 minutes to stir it again, it is easy to become sticky)


1. Take out a piece of cake bottom from the refrigerator, wash the strawberries, cut them in half from the middle, and stack them around the bottom of the cake (with the section facing out)

2. Pour in the cream cheese paste and smooth the surface with a flat spatula

3. Refrigerate for more than 2 hours until completely set

Surface decoration:

1. Jam method: put 50g raspberry fruit paste and 8g sugar into a small pot, boil over low heat, stir carefully after boiling, do not scorch the bottom, turn off the heat until it becomes thicker (just like the thinner tomato sauce), cool and pour cherry wine, stir well

2. Take out the solidified cheesecake from the refrigerator and demould it (it’s better to wrap it around with a hot towel)

3. Beat the fresh cream with sugar by electric egg beater to 7 points, put it into the flower mounting bag and squeeze it around the cake

4. Put the cut strawberries in the middle and brush the jam evenly on the surface with a brush