How to make red bean and 100 fruit Muffin

The classic Shanghai dish of invigorating spleen and appetizing

Ingredients: 250g glutinous rice flour, 250g rice flour, 150g sugar flour, 100g bean paste, 4 red dates, 1 walnut, 6 dried green plum, right amount of raisins, right amount of red and green silk, right amount of wax gourd sugar, and 150g water.

How to make red bean and 100 fruit Muffin

Practice of red bean and 100 fruit Muffin

How to make red bean and 100 fruit Muffin

1. Put the glutinous rice flour, rice flour and sugar into the container, add water and stir to make it dry and wet.

2. Rub the powder block of method 1 evenly with both hands.

3. Take a filter screen and pour the ingredients of method 2 into the filter screen to filter out the fine powder.

4. Take the steamer, pad with a wet cloth, pour in the fine powder of 12:3, smooth it, and steam it in a boiling steamer for about 5 minutes to make it compact.

5. Roll the bean paste into a wafer with a rolling pin and put it on the top of the muffin in practice 4.

6. Pour the remaining 12 fine flour into the top of the bean paste of method 5 and spread it flat.

7. Take a scraper and scrape the cake powder of method 6.

8. Arrange jujube, walnut, raisin, red and green silk, wax gourd sugar and dried plum on the top of the pastry in order.

9. Put the raw germ muffin of method 8 into a boiling steamer and steam over high heat for about 15-20 minutes until it is cooked. Then take it out and let it cool. Tear off the wet cloth and cut it into pieces.